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Taylor Warranty Repair

What is covered by my warranty?

Damage, neglect and normal wear and tear are not covered by the manufacturers warranty, this includes damage done by insufficient humidity, dryness and heat. In most cases the factory will not cover shipping charges. See manufacturer for specific details pertaining to your warranty.

How do I obtain warranty repairs?

Taylor lists their authorized service centers by locality on their website. To obtain warranty services from one of their authorized repair shops you must provide a copy of the original receipt or be registered with the factory. If you have a factory printed warranty card with your name on it this is an indication you have already registered the purchase of the instrument and can contact a repair shop directly.

If you are not registered and can not provide proof of purchase you will need to phone the factory to inquire about any possible options, warranty centers are unable to authorize repairs without factory approval.

How much is my Taylor worth?

Internet Search For those who are simply curious as to the value of their instrument it is usually possible to search the internet and obtain a general idea of the current market value for common models. For this purpose I often consult the inventory database on Gbase.com. Once you have found one in similar condition you can, at the very least, see the dealers asking prices.

Blue Books Instrument Blue Books can be found here. They are generally reprinted each year and contain values for most commonly traded instruments.