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What is covered by my warranty?

Damage, neglect and normal wear and tear are not covered by the manufacturers warranty, this includes damage done by insufficient humidity, dryness and heat. Proof of purchase or registration is required to obtain warranty repairs.

How do I obtain warranty repairs?

You can contact an authorized Martin repair shop directly or phone the factory for assistance in finding your nearest repair center.

Can I ship my instrument back to the factory for repairs?

Most factories including Martin have sought to provide their customers with faster, much more personalized service by appointing factory authorized service center's to serve owners nationwide. Repairs that exceed the monetary limits specified by the factory may require owners to ship instruments back to the factory for repairs. Your repair center will inform you if this is the case.

How much is my Martin worth?

Appraisals For insurance or sales purposes it is usually best to contact a reputable dealer for a hand written appraisal. Because I do not buy or sell instruments this is not my line of expertise. I would recommend someone like Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. More information.

Internet Search For those who are simply curious as to the value of their instrument it is usually possible to search the internet and obtain a general idea of the current market value for common models. For this purpose I often consult the inventory database on Once you have found one in similar condition you can, at the very least, see the dealers asking prices.

Blue Books Instrument Blue Books can be found here. They are generally reprinted each year and contain values for most commonly traded instruments.

What year was my Martin made?

Fortunately Martin did a very good job of cataloging serial numbers which can be used to determine the year of manufacture. View Martin serial number list.

Serial Numbers

What Year Was It Built?

You can date your Martin guitar by using the serial number which is located on the neck block. See our Martin serial number chart here.