Guitar Tuning Problems

Guitar Will Not Stay In Tune

If your guitar is always going out of tune the string is loosing tension. This can happen for a couple of reasons ....

String Slippage

Slippage can occur when:

How can I keep my strings from slipping around the tuning post? This re-stringing technique locks the string to the post.

String Stretch

Extreme Temperature / Humidity Changes

An instrument that is subject to extreme temperature changes during the day will often go out of tune as the neck and body respond to it's environment. Storing an instrument close to a heater or draft can cause it to go out of tune.

Guitar Will Not Play In Tune

After tuning my guitar perfectly I still hear notes that are not in tune and some chords seem off.

After tuning an instrument perfectly, certain notes or chords may still sound out of tune. This issue requires adjusting the saddles to correct the intonation.

Make Tuning Easier

Getting an instrument in tune can be frustrating. For that reason many of us use electronic instrument tuners that indicate whether the note is flat or sharp.

Having a chromatic or strobe tuner is also indispensable when setting the intonation on your electric guitar.

Common Instrument Tunings

(Largest String First)

Guitar E A D G B E
4 String Bass E A D G
5 String Bass B E A D G
6 String Bass B E A D G C

Popular Tuners:

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