Guitar Tuning Problems

Guitar Will Not Stay In Tune

One common tuning complaint is having to repeatedly tune an instrument. It can be tuned and it will play in tune up and down the neck but it requires frequent re-tuning.

If any instrument will not stay in tune it all boils down to couple of possible factors:

String Stretch

String Slippage

When string tension is lost thru string slippage, re-tuning is required. Slippage can occur for reasons such as:

When re-tuning is frequently necessary, most of the time, the string is slipping at the tuning machine.

string around tunerHow can I keep my strings from slipping around the tuning post? This winding technique is one way to tie strings to the tuning machine to eliminate slippage.

What If My Guitar Will Not Play In Tune?

After tuning your instrument you find that certain fretted notes sound out of tune or chords do not sound in tune with themselves.

Intonation correction is often necessary to remedy this issue.

Using Electronic Tuners

When one is first learning to play, tuning an instrument properly can be quite the task. For that reason most of us start out using instrument tuners until we develop an ear for tuning.

Common Instrument Tunings

(Largest String First)

Guitar E A D G B E
4 String Bass E A D G
5 String Bass B E A D G
6 String Bass B E A D G C
Mandolin GG DD AA EE
Ukulele G C E A

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