Repair Tools and Equipment for Luthier's

AI Guitars - Speciality jigs for luthiers.

Blue's Creek Guitar - Jigs, patterns, clamps etc.

Constantine's - Hardwoods, tools and other woodworking supplies.

Diefenbacker - Planes, chisels and tools for instrument builders.

eBay - Guitar parts, tools, jigs and more.

Forcefield Magnets - A huge array of rare earth magnets used for clamping.

Garrett Wade - High quality woodworking tools and supplies, including Behlen products.

Highland Woodworking

Klingspor - Primarily known for their sandpaper but they offer a variety of tools and supplies for woodworking.

LMI Luthier's Mercantile Int'l - Tools, woods, instrument plans, parts, and finishing supplies for luthiers.

Stewart MacDonald/Guitar Shop Supply - Lots of items for building & repairing musical instruments including tools, woods, parts and books.