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Acoustic guitar neck resets are a very common repair, close to outnumbering most repairs I receive apart from refretting and adjustments. The average flat top acoustic guitar, such as a Martin, generally shows signs of needing a neck reset by 20 years of age. The time frame varies from one instrument to the next based on the initial neck angle and the flexibility of the top.

The top on a flat top acoustic guitar will usually arch (belly) when string tension is applied. With age, this belly can increase to such a degree that the strings are being raised higher above the frets. This normally results in uncomfortable action and possibly, sharper intonation. The height of the saddle is lowered to counteract these changes but may eventually meet it's limit, offering no further adjustments. At this point the neck is removed and the angle is changed to match the more pronounced arching of the top. Resetting (increasing) the guitar's neck angle over the bridge not only lowers the string's, it allows us to once again return to a normal height saddle and regain the volume that is often lost as a result of such adjustments.

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