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All bridges shown in this gallery are made from scratch. While newer bridges are sometimes available thru the manufacturer, most vintage instruments will require a handmade replica. Older bridges which were originally made by hand often vary in dimensions from one instrument to another.

Some Martin guitars built in the 70's require relocation of the saddle to correct intonation issues caused by incorrect placement of the bridge. Instead of moving the bridge ...which would leave an awful footprint where the finish was removed and aged, the holes and saddle slot are moved back slightly to lengthen the strings and correct sharp intonation. See my article on intonation correction for more information.

Gibson used a hollow plastic bridge on some of their LG model acoustic guitars which crack and warp. These are replaced by a polished ebony replica.

Gibson also used an adjustable bridge which incorporated screws which could raise and lower the saddle. These are replaced with traditionally made bridges which have a saddle slot and drop in saddle. This improves coupling and vibration transference.

Gibson with adjustable bridge converted to a set saddle. Gibson LG, ebony bridge replaces original plastic bridge. Pyramid bridge replaces incorrect replacement bridge. Guild Acoustic Guitar Bridge Inlayed Acoustic Guitar Bridge Handmade Martin bridge with corrected saddle position. Vintage rectangular style bridge. Gibson reverse belly bridge. Indian Rosewood Guild Bridge Oversized bridge covering ugly top damage. Aged bridge. Gibson Heritage Acoustic Bridge

Please note that I do not make bridges from scratch for retail sale. The bridge's I make are for instrument's I am repairing.

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